BIPOC USHR Solidarity Fund

BIPOC USHR, or Black, Indigenous, People of Colour United for Home, Strength, and Relationship, is a community organization on PEI, currently in the process of getting non-profit status. Started in the winter of 2019, we are a dedicated group of volunteers who identify as BIPOC, providing support to and advocacy for BIPOC communities on PEI.

With the recognition that we reside on traditional, unceded Mi’kmaq territory and that we are people of the Peace and Friendship Treaty of 1776, we work to help our communities thrive.

What have we done so far?

1) When COVID-19 lockdowns went into place in the early spring we decided to conduct a fundraiser for international students who found themselves without any financial support. Through the generosity of many private donors we were able to distribute $7500 to 55 international students.

2) This summer when a young, Black international student on PEI became the only person in Canada facing prison time for COVID-19 related violations, we jumped into action to advocate for him. After thorough research and communication with individuals involved in his case, we discovered his rights had been violated at various junctures and we worked tirelessly to ensure he was treated as fairly as possible under this system.

3) Currently, we have two community navigators who are working tirelessly with various community members, helping to navigate the justice system and the healthcare system. But we need to do SO MUCH MORE! Our main vision is to help our communities thrive.

We want to see BIPOC folks on PEI happy, healthy, secure, safe, and feeling fulfilled in life. This is where you come in.

Please help us do this beautiful work.

We want to:

  1. support and maintain the mental health and well-being of BIPOC folks on PEI through various programing and financial supports;
  2. provide education on a variety of issues, including sexual health for BIPOC peoples, sexual violence prevention, legal rights, white supremacy, mental health, being queer and BIPOC;
  3. create programming for our youth to build networks and supports;
  4. create a scholarship program to incentivize young BIPOC folks to work on PEI;
  5. develop anti-oppression training for delivery to not-for-profits, businesses, government departments, and other organizations;
  6. collaborate with and support other PEI BIPOC organizations to achieve common goals;
  7. begin dismantling systemic racism to make PEI safer for BIPOC folks; and more….

Please support our vision for thriving BIPOC communities on PEI. We have great plans for our communities!