Cannabis and you: Age matters

Attention international students!

Did you know that cannabis – otherwise known as weed or marijuana – impacts your brain differently depending on your age?

If you are younger than 25 or 26 years old, your brain is still developing.

This means that if you use cannabis during this time, you are impacting your brain development, and not for the better. In fact, you could be causing your brain harm.

Scientists have found that the earlier you start using cannabis the more harm it can do to your brain. This can mean, if you use cannabis regularly – for example, weekly – and over a long period of time – like months or years – you could be causing yourself cognitive problems

Specifically, problems with learning things and remembering things, which can affect your ability to study.

The best way to protect your health, and your brain, is to not use cannabis before the age of 25.

More information on the short and long term impacts of cannabis use here.

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