Climate Change is a Justice Issue

The oceans are helping to absorb the extra heat trapped by the atmosphere. This fuels more powerful and destructive storms. We have seen this time and time again in the Global South. The extra heat also means tropical storms can maintain their strength further north.

Climate change is a justice issue. Nature is destroying nations even when their carbon footprint is among the lowest in the world. Impoverished communities and vulnerable populations tend to live in higher risk areas and have fewer resources and capacities to prepare for and recover from these storms.

Just climate action requires a reexamination of our priorities. Who are we helping? Who are we hurting? Who are we ignoring?

If we are not willing to leave anyone behind, then let us build new solutions that also address power imbalances, intergenerational inequities, and systemic harm. Let us reimagine a future that does not center settler normalcy. Let us build a future we are excited to leave for the generations who follow.