Community Library

We are looking for books by BIPOC writers to add to our library. If you have some books/want to buy books that you think we would should have on our shelf…

1st. We ask that you contact us with a list of the books that way, we are not bombarded with multiple copies of the same books.

2nd. If you want to buy books, we ask that you buy local or from BIPOC bookshops such as our pals the Biscuit Eater Cafe & Books in Nova Scotia. And again, contact us to make sure we don’t already have a copy.

3rd. If you would like to lend us a book instead of donate one, that is an option as well. Just let us know for how long.

To let us know which book you’d like to donate/lend to us you can send the title(s) or a photo of the book(s) to:

Please do not drop off books personally unless already agreed upon.

The library will be open on Thursdays from 2-4. Someone will be in the office to lend out books, return books, and chat about books.